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the logical

Samarth Patel an alumnus of Aayojan School of Architecture Jaipur, is a pragmatic design thinker. His focus remains devoted to keep learning and improving as he moves further while also targeting structure and discipline in all its connotations. At Siyaahi, he brings his unwavering rationale keeping him at the surface even though he dives deep in the creative process.

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the creative

An alumna of Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Heli Patel is the artistic dimension of the firm. Deriving inspiration from creative practices and the intangible world around her, she truly abides by the core beliefs of practicing architecture.

Alongside design thinking, her forte lies in sincerely understanding the needs of the user fueling the process in a cohesive manner.

our ideology

While staying true to their ideals of being present in space and time, the firm has a distinctive way of conceptualizing elegant, minimal spaces with seamless transitions and a handful of accentuated curves. At Siyaahi, the working ideals are equally important as the design ethics and especially their strong foundation in team work being the ultimate testimony of the firm’s determination. The firm truly believes in staying true to the notion of time,place, and people. Time is merely significant of weather and climate, while place being a marker of firms’ belief in being site responsive. While people are of the foremost importance, as it signifies the importance given to user needs and their anticipations at the firm in every step of any design process.


Long before “Siyaahi” was even conceived, the work began in collaboration with Atelier Aesthete in 2014. It was under the guidance of our beloved friend, guru Ar. Anubhav Bhatnagar, Ashish Jain Sir, and the flagship of Atelier Aesthete, our designs and true work was coming into realization. Those initial years of learning and experiences from our mentor is what puts us miles ahead in aspects we are still comprehending. We have always striven to imbibe his principles and ideologies into ours and wish to continuously do so in the future. 



Siyaahi Architects, an Udaipur based firm is an honest confluence of art and design conceiving reality. Since its inception in 2019, Siyaahi has overlooked and has achieved successful completion of projects comprising both residential and commercial ventures including some boutique hotels. However, With over 120 plus projects in collaboration with Atelier Aesthete since 2014 in and around Udaipur, Siyaahi has evolved along with faithfully adhering to its design style.

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Our mentor

Also an alumnus of Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur, Anubhav Sir graduated in 2011. After working for an architecture firm for a while, he established Atelier Aesthete in 2014.  With his radical design approach, Sir always ensured a in-depth understanding of the problem which led to a comprehensive design solutions.

A true mix of realistic ideas with innovation while focusing primarily on user needs. With his guidance and support, Siyaahi was born and nurtured. His contribution to the firm remains boundless.


Architect's Diary | June 2023

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