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Siyaahi Office

Year: 2019
Location: Udaipur
Category: Office

Resting in a residential neighborhood, the Siyaahi Office was designed as a physical manifestation of the firm’s beliefs and ideologies. The minimal aesthetic of the studio reaffirms the idea of believing in function more than embellishments. The brainchild of Siyaahi architects is elongated across the length of the plot. The parking area guides you to the entrance passing by the lush garden through a verandah. The foyer greets you with a genuine, opening up to a bright and incredibly comforting courtyard donned with pergolas projecting  the ever changing play of shadows. The visual connection within and around the studio makes all the spaces unite as one. The confluence of traditional pedagogy is seen in the studio in all its glory. The mandala artwork, the traditional lower-sitting chair, and the intricate thread-weaved discussion stool, all showcase the firm's belief in their origins. The occasional splash of yellow in different ways brings in a narrative that is both somber and soothing. With an uptake towards crafting an ideal work environment for designers, the studio forms a generous and humbling temperament.

Project Gallery

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