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Box House

Year: 2020
Location: Udaipur
Category: Residential

With an impressive appearance at the first instance, a rectangular cluster sits in a residential neighborhood in the city of Udaipur.  As the structure soars up to 3 levels, it is apparent that the house is neatly stacked with an interplay between them. The framed stories are in an exposed symphony of bricks and stone, wrapped by a chamfered white outline. An interplay of levels is observed with double-height connecting spaces. Numerous vertical and wide openings grace the facade to let in the sparking south light.  The project required the common areas to be spacious, luxurious, and charming, to maintain their active social life. Thus, the brief asked for an extrovert and expressive set of public areas while the private areas were designed with uncomplicated and plaintive details and design. A double-height living room is the awe factor to catch one's attention. This sophisticated area spills out into a balcony. The living room speaks of luxe, with an infusion of Italian marble on the walls .Goswami House is designed to accommodate spaces for social and emotional growth while respecting privacy simultaneously.

Project Gallery

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